Tower Fans vs Pedestal Fans 

 October 18, 2018

By  Enda

Tower Fans vs Pedestal Fans - What's the Difference?

In this article we compare the pedestal fan to the tower fan. We do this to help you decide which is the best style for you. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you will know what each type looks like, and the features and benefits of each.

We do of course also cover the disadvantages of each so as you have the full picture, and can then make your own mind up, which one will work best for you.

Before we look at the differences in these two type of fan, we always like to inform people what these types of fan actually do. Both types circulate the air in a room and that circulation makes the room feel cooler.

That is very different to an air conditioning system which cools the air and also circulates that cool air. Any type of fan that simply used a blade only circulates the air that exists inside the room.

The reason we point that out is that many fan buyers believe that the air is being cooled in a room and it is not. The breeze caused by a pedestal or tower fan is what makes the room feel cooler.

Pedestal vs Tower Fan Pricing

We always like to start with the price points as for most people, the amount they can afford or are willing to pay, ultimately decides which type and quality of fan they will eventually buy.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans cost from $30-100 depending on the brand, quality and features of the fan. A good average price for a pedestal fan is around $50. That will get you a good brand, a high quality build and one with features such as a remote control.

Tower Fans

Tower fans cost from $20-100 and again depends on the brand, the quality and the features. A good average price for a tower fan is around $60. That will get you a good brand, good quality and some very good features.

Price Point Difference

As you can see, price should not be a deal breaker when comparing pedestal and tower fans. They sit across a very similar price range. Buying a tower fan of good quality is slightly more expensive that a pedestal one, but there is very little difference.

Pedestal Fan vs Tower Fan Appearance

This is where the real difference is when you compare these two types of fan. They look completely different in just about anyway you can imagine.

I have shown below these two fan types just below, and as you can see when it comes to comparing their appearance, they really are chalk and cheese.

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Typical Tower Fan

Pedestal Fans

Typical Pedestal Fan

Tower Fans

Tower fans have been designed to look much better in a room than having a larger, more industrial pedestal fan. That is why in most homes you will find a nicely designed tower fan.

Pedestal fans are more often seen in offices, garages and workshops than they are inside a home. Some people do have the pedestal type in their bedroom.

Some home owners do however like this commercial style of pedestal fan, and they can suit many contemporary homes, depending on the interior design of the home.

Pedestal Fans

Some home owners simply consider these too "ugly" to have in a home. They believe that this type of pedestal fan is better suited to a conservatory, basement, workshop or garage.

You also find a lot of these in home offices and in the workplace. They all have a stand that can be vertically adjusted, a large wire cage that contains the blades, and the fan head and cage will rotate to help circulate the air.

When it comes to buying either a tower or a pedestal fan, for many people it simply comes down to which style they like better. Most home owners buy a tower fan as they believe the pedestal fan looks too commercial.

Pedestal vs Tower Fan Noise Levels

Some buyers of these types of fan also consider the noise levels for their home. Almost every fan has some element of noise and some can be very loud to the point of distraction.

As a general rule pedestal fans are noisier than tower fans. Please note this is a general rule and depending on what you are willing to pay, you can get very quiet pedestal fans. Generally speaking though, tower fans are quieter.

Please remember that all of these fan types will generate a little noise. That noise will vary a lot depending on the setting that you have the fan on. High settings will always be noisier than a low setting.

Pedestal vs Tower Air Circulation

For us here at "The Icy Spot" website, fans are really all about which is best for moving air around the home and cooling it. The pedestal fan does a better job of this than the tower fan.

We have run a few experiments on this, and every single time the pedestal fan is the winner. First of all it feels like it works quicker, and it also feels like they keep the air cooler.

We do not want to bore you with statistics, but the reality is that large 5 blade pedestal fans quickly cool a room, and help keep it like that, when compared to a tower fan.

There are two stages when using a fan. The first stage is how quickly can you circulate air in a room to quickly cool it down. The second stage is that after that initial blast, how effective and efficient is the fan at keeping the room cool?

Both types of fan can do this very well, but the pedestal will do this slightly quicker. As you can imagine, this will vary depending on which quality of fan you are comparing.

The general rule is that a pedestal fan will do the initial burst faster, and will also keep the room cooler for longer.

Best Tower Fans

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Best Pedestal Fans

Likewise we have also completed a full article on the top 10 buyer rated pedestal fans that are currently available on the market. On that page you can read a lot more detail on those types of fan.

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We trust that this article has helped you decide which is the best type of fan for any particular room in your home. Generally speaking for homes, most people will go for a tower fan, simply because they take up less space, and they look a great deal better.

Buyers also stated that they found those to be more portable, so easier to move about from room to room.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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