Rowenta VU5551 Pedestal Fan 

 November 4, 2016

By  Enda

This is our review of the best selling pedestal fan from the brand Rowenta. It has the model number VU551, and is officially classed as an oscillating pedestal fan. In this article we will find out why it is so popular with thousands of buyers. It is a fan packed with features, and is suitable either for the home or for an office environment.

Summary Review of the ​Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand

In a nutshell, this is a 4-speed, 16 inch fan with remote control. It costs around $100, but the average RRP is closer to $180. In other words if you are considering buying this one, then look for a price of around $100, as that can be found.

Buyers rate this fan very highly. We found when we were doing our research, that on average, buyers gave this Rowenta model, 4.5 out of 5 stars. That is a 90% customer satisfaction rating, so a great achievement, considering there are thousand of reviews completed.​

Video Review of the Rowenta VU5551 Model

I always think that if you can see a short video, it really helps you decide if this is the one for you. I found this one on YouTube from QVC, and they do a great job of explaining this pedestal fan.​

Technical and Important Features

rowenta turbo silence fan

Quick Look

4 speeds useful for controlling the rate of air flow that you want

5 blades which are very quiet when the fan is running

Can move air up to 1,695 cubic feet (that is a room measuring 12 x 12 x 12 feet, or any variation of that)

Adjustable height from 42-54" so as you can target the breeze to where it needs to go​

Machine controls or if you prefer use the remote control

The head of the fan pivots 90 degrees in all directions​

Measures 18 x 18 x 54" and weighs 19 pounds​

The Features Buyers Liked

  • Extremely quiet especially on the first 2 settings and that makes it ideal for a bedroom, or if you plan on having a fan in a room where people watch TV
  • Easy to assemble using a Philip's screwdriver
  • It has a solid base, so no need to worry about knocking it over
  • The remote control is very useful, especially if you plan on using this in the bedroom - saves you getting out of bed.
  • Buyers are impressed by its appearance
  • Good movement of air, and when you hit the "Turbo" setting, you get a rich blast of cooling air.
top rated pedestal rowenta fan

The Features Buyers Complained About​

remote control for the rowenta pedestal fan
  • Some buyers thought it was a tad expensive
  • Some buyers complained that the front grill rusted after a year or so
  • Pricing varies so pay attention to that
  • It is heavy enough to move around for older or frail people

Overall Verdict on the Rowenta VU5551

Rowenta whisper quiet oscillating fan

In a market that is so competitive, becoming a best selling product is not an easy thing to achieve. With this VU5551 model, Rowenta have combined a good air moving fan, with silence and a remote control.

If you can find it for around $100-120, it is worth buying in my opinion. The rusting of the fan grill was an issue for a few buyers. That could have something to do with the humidity of the room so just be aware of that.

76% of all buyers rated this purchase as a 5 star product. It is hard to argue with those sorts of results.​


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