Pedestal Fans Blades

pedestal fan bladesIf you are thinking about buying a pedestal fan, then there are a few questions that relate directly to the blades that you may wish to consider.

As you know a pedestal fan is one that can be used in large rooms to help blow air around that room. The fan itself sits on top of a stand or as it is known a pedestal. You can then usually adjust the tilt on the head and also the way that it rotates, also known as oscillation.

What Materials Are Fan Blades Made From?

Almost always blades on these types of fans are made from plastic and that is for two reasons:

  1. It is cheaper
  2. It is safer

You can also get pedestal fan blades made from metal. In theory the metal blades are stronger and should last a great deal longer. The majority of ceiling fans use wood for the blades. Now many people believe that when you switch a fan on it cools the air. That is not true as the only thing a fan does is circulate whatever air is already there by creating a breeze.

Two things on the fan will move the air:

  1. The power of the motor and the speed settings
  2. The blade design

If you have a good motor then you can generate a lot of power. You can then adjust the speed to create a stronger air flow. The actual design of the blade, or the angle the blade is set at, also helps move air quicker. This angle is often referred to as the “pitch” of the blade.

Are Five Blades Better Than Three Blades?

As a general rule, yes 5 blades are better than 3. The more opportunity a blade has to cut through the air, the more air will be circulated. It is just not as simple as that though. For example a well designed and well pitched 3 blade fan could easily deliver more air circulation than a poorly designed 5 blade version.

The power of the motor, and the speed at which the motor runs is in fact the main thing that determines the airflow. The number of blades will help, but is only a minor consideration. There are many fans made by good manufacturers like Lisko and Vornado who sell 3-blade fans every day. They have been matched to the motor inside the fan and are very efficient and cost effective ways of cooling a room.

How To Make A Fan Blade Out of Cardboard

Below is a short video on how to make fan blades from a piece of cardboard.


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