Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling Fan Review 

 June 24, 2018

By  Enda

The Panasonic FV-11VQ5 is one of the best selling ceiling mounted fans, currently available on the market. Panasonic make a lot of fans, especially those that can be ceiling mounted, and this model does sell more than any other.

The Panasonic FV-11VQ5 is an affordable fan that gets a very high 94% buyer satisfaction rating, and that alone should tell you just how good this model really is. It is suitable for a tub/shower enclosure and is considered to be the work horse of the Panasonic line.

In this article we will take a much closer look at this one, so as you can decide if this is the right one for your own specific needs. Just below we have done a summary review for those of you who don’t have time to read the full review. Hopefully you will find that useful. For those who like more detail, then please read on after the summary review. On the online resource toolbox.com you can order and buy a magnetic tool holders, transport bags and tool cabinets in a variety of variations.

Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling Fan

WhisperCeiling FV-11VQ5 110 CFM, Ceiling Mount Fan Summary Review

Just below we have included the most important parts of the review if you want to see everything at a glance.

Review of: Panasonic WhisperCeiling FV-11VQ5 Ceiling Mount Fan:

Use: To provide quiet, energy efficient ventilation in bathrooms and/or shower rooms

Value for Money




Ease of Use





  • Extremely Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • 84% of buyers give this a full 5 star rating


  • A few buyers said they received a faulty product
  • A few buyers said it didn’t remove enough moisture

Summary: Overall most buyers rated their purchase very highly as you can see from the very high 94% buyer satisfaction rating. It is one of the most affordable ceiling mounted fans out there, and it is quiet yet effective.

In the remainder of this review I will get into more details so as you know exactly if this is the right one for you.

When it comes to buying a ceiling mounted fan, then there are two main reasons for doing that:

  1. You are replacing an older fan
  2. You are installing a new fan

In most cases installing a new fan is always easier as you are working from a blank canvas. With a retro-fit it can actually be more awkward. As contractors we would always prefer a new fit as it is just cleaner and easier to do.

Either way though you have to know a few important facts, and that is what we will look at below. Always check the really important things before buying as that will ensure a trouble free installation.

Most home owners with some basic DIY skills can do this installation, but if in doubt it is always better to get a qualified electrician to do the install. Almost always that will be more expensive than buying the fan, but it does give you peace of mind.

FV-11VQ5 Key specifications – The important things to know

If you have any experience with ceiling fans then you will know already that they can be a major source of frustration. A job that should take an hour or so can turn into a real headache, and leave you very frustrated. There are so many things to consider, so let’s get started with the basics.

Size Weight & Material

This fan measures 16.7 (long) x 14.17 (width) x 10.83 (height) inches and weighs 10.36 lbs.

The housing is a galvanized steel body and is coated with rust proof paint. There are extendable metal extension brackets (up to 24 inches) The housing has a double hanger bar system for adjustable positions.

The grille size is 13 square inches and is attached to the housing by torsion springs.

CFM Rating

This is an important measurement to understand. The CFM rating is a fan’s ability to move air and is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) The larger the bathroom the higher the CFM rating you will need to have. Most fans are rated between 50-110 CFM.

The ideal fan should have a CFM high enough to replace the air in your room at 8 times per hour.

This Panasonic FV-11VQ5 is rated at 110 CFM. That will be able to handle a bathroom of under 800 cubic feet in size. To be sure measure the length, breadth and height of your bathroom and multiply those numbers.

For example a bathroom 6 feet wide, 8 feet long and 8 feet high would be 6 x 8 x 8 which is 384 cubic feet. A bathroom 8 feet wide, 8 feet long and 8 feet high would be 512 cubic feet.

If in doubt always buy a slightly higher CFM than you need. That will make sure it removes the moisture without over stressing the motor on the fan itself. That of course means it will do a good job and also last much longer.

Sone Rating

Sone is the industry standard for measuring the amount of noise a fan makes when it is in use. The lower the rating the quieter the fan will be. If you want to own a quiet bathroom fan then it should be rated at 1.5 sones or less.

This Panasonic FV-11VQ5 is rated at 0.3 sone so very quiet indeed

Duct Sizing

The output duct for this model is 4″. It is also suitable for 6″ duct. You can buy adaptors to make it fit other sized ducts. Many older installations used 3″ flex duct but that is no longer compliant with the industry codes and should be replaced with 4″ duct that vents outside.


This model will comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, IAP, EarthCraft, CA Title-24 and WA state code. The fan is also UL listed for tub/shower enclosure when used with a GFCI branch circuit wiring.

Quick Summary

Just make sure that the CFM rating is high enough for your own bathroom or shower room as that is the most important thing. If you want a super quiet fan then make sure the SONE rating is less than 1.5 sones.

After that it is about connecting it to the duct and the electricity supply. In the bathroom itself when connected all you will actually see is the plastic grilled vent as all the connections are in the ceiling between the joists.

So if you are looking for a good quality ceiling mounted bathroom fan, then this Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling will fit the bill nicely. Just below I have included a short video review of this fan.

Our Verdict on the Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling Fan

With such a high buyer satisfaction rating it is easy for us to recommend this ceiling mounted fan. It is energy efficient, quiet, effective and affordable.

However if this is not the right one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of the best ceiling fans by clicking here.

This Panasonic model is however right up there with the best of them, so we know you will not be disappointed.

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