Lasko 1850 Remote Pedestal Fan Review 

 July 6, 2017

By  Enda

Lasko 1850 18" Remote Control Pedestal Fan Review

The Lasko 1850 is a plain white pedestal fan. That color will suit many people as white is of course a very neutral color. This is an 18" fan, with 3 speeds, oscillation and tilt back. It also comes with a remote control,

The average price for this is just under $40, but do shop around as it can be found slightly cheaper with some online stores. This fan is made of plastic, hence the low price, but buyers rate their purchase with an average 4.2 out of 5 stars. That is a good solid and consistent rating.

Lasko 1850 Remote Pedestal Fan

Short Summary Review of the Lasko 1850 Pedestal Fan​

This nutshell review Is simply a brief review of this 1850 model from Lasko. The average price for this type of pedestal fan is around ​£50-100 for a good quality choice. This one sneaks in at just under $40, so cheaper than many others on the market.

Buyers of these fans like to get a bargain as long as it can maintain a high enough satisfaction rating from buyers. This one rates overall at 76% buyer satisfaction, and that has remained consistent for a number of years. It has more than enough features and the remote control unit is particularly useful.

How Buyers Rate the Lasko 1850 Model

When considering a purchase, it is always a good idea to check out the actual real life buyer reviews. Those are the most important as they are from people who have bought the 1850 model, used it and then taken the time to leave their opinion.

Below we have summarised the ratings given to this pedestal fan by those buyers. To make them easier to understand, and also to provide an easy to view snapshot, we have summarised those ratings by percentage. The ratings given are based on a star rating with 1 being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest.​

18 %

At a quick glance, you can easily see that 5 out of 10 buyers rated this as a 5 star product. It therefore clearly worked for those buyers. 69% of buyers rated this at 4 stars or higher. About 12 in every 100 buyers gave it a 1 star rating. That is slightly higher than we likes to see, so we will take a closer look at those low reviews to find out why.

Overall it attracts an average rating of 76% buyer satisfaction. This is based on over 3,500 buyer reviews, another good sign that this fan sells really well.

What Buyers Say About the Lasko 1850 Pedestal Fan

We can confirm so far that he price is good value and is cheaper than many other models of pedestal fans on the market. We also know that generally speaking buyers rate this fan really well with 76% buyer satisfaction. There are around 12% who clearly were disappointed by their purchase.

Now let's have a look at what those same buyers actually have to say about this particular pedestal 1850 fan. We have summarised those in a "pros and cons table" just below.​ That makes them easier to read and understand.

  • Although plastic the fan seems well enough made
  • Good to have a choice of speeds but on high there is just too much of a blast
  • The remote is handy but limited in range
  • Really does blow the air around a lot
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around
  • The timer is really useful
  • The remote control only works when very close too the fan
  • Plastic parts and a pain to assemble
  • Just far too noisy

The majority of the low reviews were about the poor quality of the fan. Please remember the complaints were low, and some buyers just did not like the way this had to be put together. Some also thought this was also just too noisy for their purposes. The majority of the buyers appeared to understand that this is a pedestal fan with blades, and few of those are hat quiet, when in operation.

Lasko 1850 Specification

Lasko 1850 Remote Pedestal Fan
  • This is a plain white fan that is easy to put together
  • Has an easy to use timer
  • It comes with a multi function remote control which can be very useful. but does require 2 AAA batteries for it to work
  • Has a useful tilt back feature
  • Measures 20.5 x 20.5 x 53.5 inches
  • Weighs 11.5 pounds
  • Has plastic blades
  • It does oscillate and this feature can be controlled with the remote
  • The height can be adjusted
  • Nice elegant grill

How to Assemble the Lasko 1850

Sometimes it is easier to simply see a video of the product. That gives you a better understanding of what you might be buying. We searched around, and believe that we have found one of the better ones. Hopefully you will find that very useful.

Summary & Verdict on the Lasko 1850 Model

This is a good quality pedestal type fan from Lasko, that does exactly what it is supposed to do. The timer is very useful as is the remote control, and these are both good features.

This is not a high end fan as it is essentially made of plastic, including the blades. It is however functional and the plastic allows the manufacturer to keep the price down.

Ir certainly can quickly cool down a room or any space, and that it is the main purpose of these types of fans. This one blows really hard on the high setting. Most people will use this one on either the low or medium setting.

If this is not the fan for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of pedestal fans, by clicking right here.  This Lasko 1850 model is however one of the cheapest available. It also gets good overall ratings of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Buyers said it was easy and fast to assemble. There were a few complaints about this Lasko 1850, but overall the reviews were good.

Lasko 1850 Remote Pedestal Fan


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