Do Tower Fans Actually Cool the Air 

 July 21, 2020

By  Enda

Do Tower Fans Cool the Air?

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on whether tower fans actually cool the air or not?.

The quick answer is that no, tower fans do not cool the air, but it may surprise some people to know that no fan actually cools the air. That is just not what fans do. The hvac contractors in Chicago IL says that it give the impression of cooling the air in a room, but in reality a fan simply creates a breeze. This breeze will start to cool your skin down, and it is that action that creates the impression of cooling.

Please don’t misunderstand what we mean by this. A stuffy room that is hot will be a great deal better when any fan, including a tower fan is switched on.

However, a fan is nothing more than a set of blades spinning very quickly and that spinning action creates a breeze.

That blows and feels cooler on the skin.

Tower Fans and Air Conditioning

When you use a tower fan along with central air conditioning, a tower fan can save you money on energy costs.

As explained by experts at https://www.aspenair.com.au, these fans have an oscillating unit that helps to circulate air around the room.

Many of them also have timers, which if used, can shut the fan off when you are away from home or sleeping.

It is worth noting though that tower fans cool small to medium-sized rooms, and are really not suitable for larger spaces.

cold air tower fan

How Tower Fans Work

They have an electric motor that spins the cylindrical container that holds the fan’s blades. In the better designed models the blades will run the full length of the fan. That is important as the size of the blades is what contributes to the most air movement.

The blades on tower fans are actually impeller blades. That is a specific type off blade, that moves air very quickly. They also help push air through the main vents, so you get a dual action of pushing and pulling air up and down the main unit.

The fans also oscillate through 90 degrees and this helps cool down a wider area. They are actually quite a simple design and a strong motor, and well shaped blades make a huge difference.

Cooling a Room

The only real option for cooling a room is air conditioning, and we all know that can be an expensive option. In an ideal situation, we would recommend using that to get the air in a room cooler, and once that has been achieved, then switch your tower fan on, and let it take over.


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