Costway 16 Inch Pedestal Fan Review 

 November 26, 2017

By  Enda

This is my detailed review of the Costway 16″ Adjustable Pedestal Fan. In this article I will take you through the really important things that you need to know, before making your final buying decision. Is this Costway product really the right one for you, and does it exactly match your needs?

I have included buyer ratings, and also what buyers have to say, both good and bad about this particular pedestal fan.

This product has been released and in the market for about a year now, and continues to sell really well.

Overall online buyers have rated this 16″ model with an 86% buyer satisfaction rate and value for money rating.

This fan choice is ideal for anyone who wants to give the best type of pedestal fan with both a remote control function and also be able to set up a timer to turn the fan on and off. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Costway 16″ Adjustable Pedestal Fan Specification

Costway 16 inch Adjustable Pedestal FanDon’t worry I won’t bore you with irrelevant details, but there are some basic things that you should know, before parting with your hard earned money. I have listed the key features below, along with an explanation of why they are important.

Dual Blades

Unlike many other pedestal fans, this one uses what is called dual blades. On most of these fan types, there is a set of single blades. That is what is used to help circulate the air, and these are usually angled and curved to help cut through the air and generate a breeze.

With this Costway model, they use dual blades. So the larger blades pull the main air as normal models do. In addition to that the smaller blades also draw air from the center, and that helps increase the airflow. It is quite a clever design.

Normal Features

Like many others you can adjust the height on this one from between 45-53″. It also osciallates and can also tilt back at the head. It has 3 speeds like many other models such as Lasko and Hneywell. However they are slightly different. There is a normal day mode, a wind option and a sleeping option. So six blades will always be better than three.


This one can be manually controlled through a digital display on the fan, but you can also use the remote control to turn it on and off, and also to change speeds. The remote needs 3 triple A batteries and they are not supplied.

This one also comes with a very useful timer. It is an 8 hour time and it can be set at intervals of between 0.5-7.5 hours.

It uses 60 watts of power operating on a 120 Volt supply The fan and base measure 16″, and overall it measures 17” X 16” X 53” and weighs 12 pounds.

What Buyers Say About the Costway 16″ Fan

We know that overall they have rated this product online at an 86% buyer satisfaction rate. That is considered to be a very good and consistent rating. We collected and read around 400 online reviews, and this is the average satisfaction rating they gave to this product.

So we know that the rating is very good, but what do the buyers actually say about this Costway model. I have found that the easiest way for me to present this to you is by using a Pros and Cons presentation

That type of quick overview just makes it a great deal easier to see the important buyers comments at a glance, and save you a lot of time having to churn your way through a ton of reviews.

It also allows me to include any weaknesses or problems with the product.

Costway Fan Pros & Cons


  • Very good value for money considering that you are getting 6 blades, a remote function and a timer function
  • Buyers like the three speeds, and many have said that they notice the difference in having 6 blades compared to having the normal 3
  • It is relatively quiet compared to other models, but does have a little white noise
  • Set up and assembly is easy but you will need a Philips screwdriver
  • It is sturdy and moves the air about really well


  • Some buyers said this was difficult to set up and took them hours
  • The instructions are terrible
  • A couple of buyers said it stopped working after a few months

Actual Buyer Review Comments

Sometimes when I am reviewing products I come across some very useful buyer comments. I have included a few sample comments below.

Great deal! I have a very large bedroom and was concerned that this fan wouldn’t cut it, but I needed something inexpensive. I’m surprised by how well it circulates the air in my room, even on the first setting.”

This fan is pretty good. It’s quiet and does the job. Having a remote control that comes with the fan is very convenient. This is a great fan for the price.

Who Should Buy This Costway 16″ Fan?

This product is ideal for anyone who wants to own a pedestal fan, and also have a remote control function, and/or a timer of some kind. Most buyers seemed to buy this one to use in their bedroom, a popular location for many types of pedestal fans. At just under $40 it is also good value for money, considering the number of features that you get.

Where Can You Buy This Fan

Like many fan products you will be able to pick this up in your local appliance type of store. The good thing about that is you get to see and handle the product. Most of the brands also have their own website, so you should be able to buy it there as well.

Personally I like to see and touch the product first and also get a price. I then check out online where I can find the best price and buy it there. Amazon and eBay are two options, and if you are in Amazon Prime, then you can usually get a very good deal.

How I Do My Reviews

I read as many reviews as I can, and then collate those. The best places to find online reviews from real life buyers is to read the reviews of where they are actually sold.

That is usually at the brand’s own website, at Amazon and at other popular online stores. I then make notes of the good and bad things that people have to say about their purchase.

That helps me make up my mind if the product is the right one for me. I share this information here, so as you can do exactly the same. What is good for one person may not be good for someone else.

I am an Amazon Affiliate and if you buy through any of my links on this website, I do get a small commission. That allows me to help maintain the website, and to keep producing useful and helpful content on these types of cooling products

Please note it does not change the price that you will pay at Amazon for your product.

My Verdict & Conslusion On the Csotway 16″ Pedestal Fan

This fan has achieved a very good rating of 86%. I also think that in terms of the price point, that this is also fairly priced.

If this is not the right pedestal fan for you, then why not check out my top 10 list of the best pedestal fans, currently available on the marketplace. This one came in at number three on that list, and is also one of only two where you get both a remote control and timer.

This Costway model is however a good choice for anyone who needs a fan for the bedroom or for a small office type set up.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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