Best Fans For Sleeping 

 September 17, 2015

By  Enda

sleeping with a fanGetting to sleep at night can be difficult, and one of the best ways to counteract that is to have a fan in your bedroom. The question is though, which is the best fan for sleeping?

Most of us will know that a good fan moves or circulates air around a room. It doesn’t actually cool the air but simply because it creates a gentle breeze, you get the feel of a nice cooling air.

The bottom line is that it does the job, but there are a few things that you should look out for. I have listed these below and you may find that some of these will actually surprise you.

Should A Fan Be Really Quiet To Help You Sleep?

Holmes HANF76BLZ07-UC Blizzard Junior Personal 2 Speed FanAbove all else you want the fan to be as quiet as possible. Well most people do and some others need what is called a noisy fan. Sounds strange right? Don’t worry I will explain that down below.

For most people though something that hums loudly becomes more of an irritant than anything else, and will not only keep you awake, but can drive you nuts.

Now to explain about noisy fans. An interesting little fact, that many people don’t know, is that a little noise is a good thing.

That may sound crazy, but noises known as “white noise” can actually help as they cancel out other distracting background noises like dogs barking, cars passing, rain falling etc. Now if you happen to live in a city or large town the number of background noises vary and are many.

Similarly if you live near a road, perhaps close to an industrial area, then equally the background noises can be a real irritant. For that reason alone people go for what are called, and badly named in my opinion noisy fans.

If you need a good white noise fan, then something like the Holmes Blizzard is a very good choice. That is the one that you can see in the image above. People buy that one for that very precise reason – it creates a nice air flow with good white noise.

Best White Noise Fan for Sleeping

Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise (actual fan inside) Sound MachineSome people will also use what are called sound machines. These create sounds like the wind and the rain. The one that you can see in the image to the right is known as the Marpac Natural White Noise Machine. This is the one that has been recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

This one is ideal for baby rooms or nurseries, college dormitories or simply any environment where background noise is a problem. These also have fans built into them, but they focus more on creating a variety of sounds that you can pick from.

These give out a feel and sense of rushing air and that noise then masks out other background noises. Many people who work on night shifts will use these to try and get a better sleep during the day.

This of course is just one example and there are many to pick from. The one shown here is a best seller and is recommended by most of the leading sleep associations.

So as you can now see, sometimes a noisy fan can be great fan for sleeping. However, assuming that you don’t have a background noise problem, let’s get back to some of the features you should look for if you want a quieter fan.

Automatic Cut-Off

image of quiet pleaseNow I prefer one with an automatic cut-off. That means if I fall asleep with the fan on, which most people do, then it will turn itself off after a set period of time. Now the reason I like doing that is because if a fan is left on, it will eventually start to dry your throat out, and that can cause a dry throat and coughing.

It is also safer as it reduces the risk of the fan motor over heating.

Adjustable Settings

Again I would recommend a fan where you can adjust the settings. You may want to quickly cool the bedroom initially to get the temperature down quickly. However you will not want it blowing a gale all night. If you can have a range of setting then that is useful.

Which Fan Type is Best for Sleeping?

woman sleeping in a bedThat really comes down to a few things. If you are on your own then you have a few choices. if you are sleeping with a partner, you do of course need to take their concerns on board. Do they like a fan blowing on them? Do they prefer silence?

If they don’t like fans, then a small personal fan works well as you can quickly set it up and have it pointed at just yourself.

If both people like the cool air, then ceiling fans work best in bedrooms. These circulate the air nicely around the room, and the better ones have all the features I have mentioned above. Some people prefer pedestal fans, though I would say, I am not a huge fan of those for the bedroom.

Tower fans are better as they take up less space and are quieter than other types of fans.

Addicted To Sleeping With A Fan

Some people can not go to sleep or don’t sleep properly without the aid of a fan. That is more an addiction than solving a problem. They have just got used to a fan blowing gently and it becomes habitual. There are many people like this.

The National Sleep Association have conducted research on this and they have concluded the following. Sleepers who need a fan to sleep, are in need of the ambient noise, and the fact that this noise is consistent. If you think about it, that is exactly what a fan does.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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