Best Fans for Allergies 

 October 20, 2016

By  Enda

In this article we examine which are the best fans for allergies. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from any type of allergy, then getting fresh air into your home, can make life a great deal easier. It is worth noting that fans will only circulate whatever air is actually in the room. The only way to get fresher air into the room is to switch the fan on, only after the window has been opened.

I have done a full article here on dealing with allergies. In that you can find out about just how important it is to have clean air in the home. One very good way of ensuring that is to have and use a humidifier. This, when used in conjunction with a fan, will give you the best of both worlds. The humidifier purifies the air and a fan will circulate the air.

What Causes Allergies in the Home?

You may already know but allergies are caused by small molecules and spores of dust that are present in the air. It is those that start to irritate the throat and the breathing. They are microscopic in size and it takes something like an air purifier to remove them from the air.

Below I have added a video that offers some great tips for dealing with allergies.

So although the above video offers some great tips to help alleviate allergies, using a fan in the home needs some care. Anyone with an allergy who wants a fan in the home, needs to ensure that they don’t make the situation any worse. That is why I recommend only using a fan where the air has been first purified.

Otherwise all that is being achieved is the circulation of air that has been even more stirred up by the breeze caused by the fan. We have put together a list of these, that we think are best suited for people with allergies. Hopefully you will find that helpful.

No 1 Choice Fan – Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote ControThe model number for this fan is the HY-048BP. It only comes in a black color, as you can see from the image. This fan has quite literally sold in its many thousands.

Honeywell are a very good brand when it comes to any type of air product. This best selling fan is no exception to that rule.

The important features are:

  • It has a timer function which is very useful
  • It has 3 cooling speeds
  • It has a washable filter – ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Fully oscillates and you can also tilt the head
  • It also has a remote control for ease of use
  • Rated at 92% satisfaction rates by actual buyers
  • Average price of $70
  • You can also programme the thermostat
  • It has an ionizer, and that gives the feel of a nice spring breeze air throughout your home.
  • Weighs 14 pounds so nice and solid
  • Measures 10.8 x 8.2 x 32.8″

To clean the filter you pop the back off, and there you will find the filter. You can then rinse it out when it gets dirty and simply replace it to keep the filter nice and clean, and more importantly functional.

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No 2 Choice Fan – Adjustable Room Ionic Ozone Air Purifier with New Whisper Quiet Fan Technology

Adjustable Room Ionic Ozone Air Purifier with New Whisper Quiet Fan TechnologyAnother very popular choice is this air purifier, that also has a very quiet fan. Like the one above, this one also sells really well. The focus, as the name would suggest, is on cleaning and purifying the air. Most of these purifiers don’t have a fan, though and this is what makes this one different.

I like the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Not many manufacturers offer this, so it is good assurance that this is a high quality product.

The fan is classed as being in the “whisper class” and as that name would suggest it is very quiet. That makes it ideal for a bedroom setting.

The actual purifier can handle an area of up to 320 square feet, and that is pretty good coverage for a room size.

It works really fast and can purify the air in the room in a few minutes.

For around the $35 price tag, this one offers good value for money. This little machine can kill off MRSA, E-coli, Legionella, Candida, Staph, Giardia and Salmonella. I mean who wants those anywhere near your home.

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Why Do Fans Help Allergies?

People tend to use fans to keep them cool as they are handy and can provide some fast relief. They are especially useful in hot climates and during heatwaves. The drawback of fans is that their main purpose is to circulate air around a room.

That circulation though will cause the movement of any dust particles, dust mites, mold, pollen, pet dander and any other type of allergen. Any allergens moved around can of course cause irritation and of course that can kick off an allergy.

If you think of allergies such as asthma, dry eyes, eye allergies, hay fever etc, that is what we mean.

Pollen, dust and other air borne particles tend to keep circulating in rooms with fans. So, although the use of a fan is great when you are very hot, then you also should be aware of the allergen side of using a fan.

So fans that have filters or purify the air in the room will always be a much better choice, than fans that don’t have that features. As an example, HEPA filters for the bedroom can help a lot.

These small HEPA filters help trap allergens like dust mites, pet dander and pollen. If you choose a different type of air filter or air purifier, make sure it is one that does not produce ozone, which worsens asthma symptoms.

Ceiling Fans and Allergies

We would certainly recommend that you don’t use any type of ceiling fan in your home if you are prone to allergies. A lot of dust can quickly build up on a ceiling fan as they are not always regularly cleaned because of their location. If they are cleaned regularly then ceiling fans are ok to use.

In most cases though ceiling fans are not cleaned regularly. Dust mites can build up on top of the blades, and when switched on, can push those dust mites around the room. That is primarily when they are not suitable for anyone with allergies.

If you want to use a ceiling fan, then clean it regularly with a damp cloth. Don’t use a feather duster to do this as it just spreads more dust around, rather than getting rid of it.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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