Best Fans for Air Circulation 

 August 23, 2016

By  Enda

Here we look at the best fans for air circulation. Now it is fair to say that every fan that has ever been made will circulate air. After all that is their entire reason for being made. However some fans do a much better job of it than others. The big question is which is really the best type of fan for full air circulation?

Any fan that will shift a lot of air around will have a set of blades. In the most basic of terms the more blades it has, then the more air it will shift. Pedestal fans are a very good example of this. On those you will find that most will have either 3 blades or 5 blades. I have done a full article here on which is best. If you want to read more about those then simply click here.

For our purposes though in this article, I can tell you that a 5 blade version will circulate the most air. So ideally any fan that you purchase should have at least 3 blades and ideally 5 to get the most circulation possible.

Understanding Fan Speeds

If you are looking for a fan that will really get to town on circulation, then speed is an important factor. The laws of physics tell us that the faster blades spin around, then the more air they can move. On most fans there will be a number of settings ranging from low or slow, then to medium and then to fast.

AT the highest setting you will always get the maximum amount of circulated air. I know that is obvious to state, but when you are buying a fan, it is just important to know that a selection of speeds should be an important feature to consider. There will be times when you simply need a little air, and other times when you may want a quick blast through the room. Make sure that you at least have that choice.

Air Circulation – Fan Motor Size

Many technicians say that a fan is only as good as its motor. I would not argue with that point at all. The motor is what delivers the power. The bigger the motor the more powerful your fan will be. The more powerful it is, then the more air it will be able to circulate.

As well as being the power house of the fan, it is also this mechanical part that needs to last. Fans will get a lot of work in their lifetime. For longevity you need a powerful motor, that has been well designed and well made. You will also want a fan that comes with a warranty for the motor and any moving parts.

Room Size

If you want a fan that circulates plenty of air, then the space where you need to move the air around becomes very important. For example a living room or bedroom is ideally served by a ceiling fan. In smaller apartments a tower fan may be a much better choice. that is because they are ideal for smaller spaces. They take up less room in the apartment.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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