Best Fan for a Conservatory 

 July 7, 2020

By  Enda

Best Fan for a Conservatory

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best fan for a conservatory. Hopefully you will find it very useful. Most home owners understand that a conservatory is a building or a room that has been added on to the home, and mainly uses glass for the walls and/or the roof.

They are usually attached to a side wall of the house.

They are exceptionally good at capturing any available light, and they also offer the home owner a very pleasent place to sit, and enjoy their surroundings. They do however have some very well known problems such as condensation and over heating.

Many conservatories are fitted with air vents to prevent the build up of moisture. Many also have under floor heating or a radiator for the colder evenings and during winter. Sadly conservatories are poorly insulated so much of the heat energy is actually wasted.

At the other end of the scale, a large amount of glass in direct sunlight, can cause a high level of heat, which at times can be unbearable. That usually results in opening the windows to help get rid of the heat, and that in turn leads to bugs coming in, unless the windows are screened.

So we feel your pain, and a fan might be better than opening windows, as long as you have the right one.

conservatory fan

What Fan Types are best to use in a Sun Room or Conservatory?

We think it is very important for our readers to understand that fans simply move air around. They do not cool the air though many people believe they do. 

What actually happens is that when a fan is switched on, it moves the air around the room. That movement actually evaporates the sweat on our skin, and when that happens it lowers our body temperature. As a result we feel cooler quite quickly.

So just remember, when you place a fan into a conservatory, it will cool you down very quickly and also cool the room down quickly as well. Once it is switched off, then the heat will quickly build up again as in effect, the same air is still inside.

There are many types of fans available on the market and include ceiling fans. pedestal fans, tower fans, floor fans etc. They vary in price and style and the one you buy for your conservatory will depend on your budget.

Conservatory Ceiling Fans

All of these will work, but the most popular fan to use is a ceiling fan.These are energy-efficient and useful because a lot of ceiling fans double up as lights, and they’re installed in exactly the same way.

So the good news is that you will not need any extra electrical wiring done or new switches installed – it can all be fitted with exactly what you already have. (Assuming you have a ceiling light and a switch of course)

Other Benefits

Ceiling fans don’t need floor space as they are suspended from the ceiling. In addition a good quality ceiling fan will cool the whole room down.

The better ceiling fans are quiet, so you don't have to worry about noise. (Years ago these were noisy but not in these modern times)

They are also affordable and they come in a range of styles, so they won't break the bank, and you have lots of choices.

prminence conservatory ceiling fan

Prominence Home Ceiling Fan

This is a 42" five blade fan made from steel and has 3 speeds.

Available in white, bronze or nickel and also has a light.

Harbor Breeze conservatory Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

This is a 44" three blade fan made from a light metal and has 3 speeds.

Available in nickel colour only and has a light and remote control.

Hunter Company conservatory Ceiling Fan

Hunter Company Ceiling Fan

This is a 52" five blade fan made of steel and has 3 speeds.

Available in brushed nickel, white or new bronze and has a light

Ceiling Fan Buying Tips

  • Length of blades - Larger blades will move air faster than shorter blades at any given speed. So a 52" blade is bettter than a 42" blade providing it suits the size of the room
  • Number of blades - 5 blades will move more air faster than 3 blades
  • Reversible feature - This can be handy in the winter time. They can be used in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and cutting down on energy costs
  • Low Profile Design - If you see the term low profile it means the fan can be fitted close to the ceiling so you don't need to use down rods. (Down rods are required in higher ceilings to help insure the fan is proper distance from the ceiling for optimized air movement in rooms with 9- to 11-foot high ceilings
  • Lights - Almost all ceiling fans will come with some type of light. These are usually smaller lights as they don't heat up. Many manufacturers now use LED lights for energy consumption and they last longer

Alternative Methods for Cooling a Summer House or Conservatory

There are a few other options for cooling a conservatory which we have explained just below. Most of these are expensive which is why we like the idea of a simpler ceiling fan.

Fitting Conservatory Blinds

Blinds will help keep any room cool. There is a lot of glass so you will need a lot of blinds, be that Venetian blinds, roller, blackout or shutter. They also need to be cleaned from time to time.

Fitting Heat Reflective Glass

This is probably one of the best options, but also the most expensive. Heat reflective glass is designed especially for conservatories,summer homes and works like a treat. You need to be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Fitting Roof Coverings

You can buy slatted roof coverings where you can control the amount of sun getting into your conservatory. Many people also decide just to tile their roof.

Fitting Cooling Films

Cooling film can be added to windows and that will reflect about 80% of the UV rays from the sun. Many larger commercial firms use this in their offices, and althought it works really well, it is an expensive option and does impact on the natural light.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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