Best Desktop Fan Reviews 2020

In this article we will be having a look at the best desk fans available in the market right now. There are certainly any number of interesting options available. These include some well known brand names like Honeywell and Lasko.

There are also some unusual ones that can clip on to the desk. We have also included a couple of what are termed "personal fans," so as you can see the full range of styles that are available.

These do vary in price a lot from just a few dollars and all the way up to $100 depending on how serious you want to take your cooling down.

Our Top Picks



Best USB Desk Fan

The OPOLAR USB desk fan is quiet yet powerful and has sold in its thousands online. It is powered through a USB which is of course compatible with computers, laptops, power banks, wall chargers and any other USB-enabled power supply.

You can tilt the fan head from 0 to 40 degrees to direct the airflow to where you want. You can also quickly remove the front cover to quickly clean the fan blade.

With thousands of online buyer reviews, and a high buyer satisfaction rating, this one seems to be a winner.



Best Table/Desk Fan

The Honeywell HTF210B is a 13" table fan with 4 different settings and it oscillates. This fan is suitable for a desk top as it is compact, portable, and you can if you wish take it anywhere including the office.

There are 4 noise settings and it uses a DC motor that uses about 50% less than other fan motors.

It has a touch display and an auto off timer.



Best Quiet Desk Fan

The SmartDevil small personal USB desk fan is a compact and one of the quietest desk fans currently available on the market. Available in navy blue, white and cherry pink. It is also very light at only 6 ounces and has a 360 degree tilt rotation.

It has 3 speeds and is powered by USB and compatible with PC/laptop, power bank, AC adapter, car charger and other USB-enabled power supply.



Best 12" Desk Fan

The Rowenta VU2531 turbo silence Oscillating is the nest 12-inch fan available on the market right now. It has 5 blades and 4 speed settings and a 12" oscillating head and easy-to-use manual control dial.

It is also very quiet and has a built-in handle for easy, comfortable transport.



Best Mini Desk Fan

The Holmes Heritage model is we believe the best mini desk fan. The small 4 inch blades create a powerful cool breeze, and as it is powered by USB, it also saves on energy.

It has a tilt-adjustable fan head that you can position so as the cooling air goes exactly where you need it. It has just one speed setting, with a simple on/off switch for easy operation.

Buyers seem to like the high-end metal finish that provides a classic look.



Best High End Fan

Not too many people will be able to afford to buy the Dyson Air Multiplier fan. This is a 10" fan which comes with the distinct Dyson branding. This fan creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow without fast-spinning blades making it safe for children, pets and during cleaning

It comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

As most people will know Dyson fans are quiet and powerful. This model has a sleep timer which can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals. It also has a remote control which has the choice of10 precise airflow settings. 



Best Clip On Desk Fan

The SkyGenius appears to be the best clip on desk fan.  The fact that this fan has a clip allows you to use this model anywhere you want. That makes it ideal for baby strollers, home and office, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, outdoors, camping, trips and anywhere you need cooler air.

This fan runs off a rechargeable battery, with the battery lasting 2.5-6 hours, depending on which speed you select. It charges by using a USB lead. It can also be easily rotated for positioning.



Best Retro Look Desk Fan

For those who like the Retro look, then we would recommend the Hunter Personal Retro USB fan. This model is made from brushed nickel with the classic 3 blade look.

This fan has 1 speed setting, and has a 70 degree oscillating feature and 35 degree tilt angle to direct airflow.

As it is powered by a USB it can be powered by any computer or laptop with USB A outlet



Best Pink Desk Fan

For those who prefer "pink", then we would recommend the Aluan Desk fan which is suitable for desks, tables and the home or office. This one sells really well and uses a brushless motor which has a much longer lifespan than a regular motor.

This is a 6" fan with 2 adjustable speeds. It comes with a USB cable.

It also has 4 rubbers on the bottom of the pedestal to help reduce vibration and keep the fan firmly in place.



Best Purple Desk Fan

If you are looking for purple then the O2COOL FN02001 deluxe necklace fan may be the answer to that. This model has vertical air vents that  ensure you are getting a cool breeze so you stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

This hands-free portable fan comfortably goes around your neck so you can stay cool and has on average a 12 hour runtime. It comes with an adjustable lanyard. Requires 2 AA batteries

Desktop Fan Buying Guide

The main purpose of a desktop fan is to provide you with some much needed relief when you are sitting at a stuffy desk and just really need a bit of air. You will want the fan you choose to be as quiet as possible.

You will also want it to be able to circulate air really quickly. It is often referred to as personal cooling. Sometimes it can be useful to either mount this on a table or desk, attach it to a wall, or clip it on to the desk.

At the same time you will not want something that blows your papers all over your desk. Trust me on that one as I learned the hard way.

There are some additional features you might want to consider such as different speeds, does the head tilt, and the size of the blades inside the fan. In principle the bigger the blade the more air will flow.

The average price of these is between $15-25 but you can pay a lot more if you want more speed variations and want it be ultra quiet and with additional features. There are plenty of different styles available and there is one to suit every type of budget.

Below I have completed a quick buying guide and below that is a Top 10 Comparison Table of the best desktop fans available right now. Underneath that I have completed a short review on each of those.

Desktop Fan Key Features


When shopping for a new desktop fan one of the most important things to consider is how quiet it is. At the end of the day a noisy fan will become irritating over time. In addition to that you will probably be taking phone calls at your desk, and the last thing you will want to do is have to shout  over the noise of a fan, or struggle to hear the person on the other end of the phone.

Tilting Head

Some of these fans have what is called a fixed head. That means it just blows air out in one direction depending on how and where it is positioned. This is not crucially important when sitting at a desk. It can help a little though as it can cool down a wider area, and you will not always want a fan blowing directly into your face.

The Paper Storm

The faster a fan spins and the bigger the blades then the more air it can push around. When cooling a room down that is important. When you are sitting at your desk that is not always the best idea. If you don't want a host of papers scattered all over the place, you need to get one with different speeds and that can have the direction adjusted.

When considering a Desktop fan for your personal use, the main thing to consider as I have mentioned is how quiet the fan is. This along with one that will not send all your work spinning across the floor are the two most important things.  

Some of these are battery operated but in the main, they run off a power source and are light on using electricity.