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In this article we will be having a look at the best desk top fans available in the market right now. There are certainly any number of interesting options available. These include some well known brand names like Honeywell and Lasko.

There are also some unusual ones that can clip on to the desk. We have also included a couple of what are termed “personal fans,” so as you can see the full range of styles that are available.

These do vary in price a lot from just a few dollars and all the way up to $100 depending on how serious you want to take your cooling down.

Discover The Best Desktop Fan

The main purpose of a desktop fan is to provide you with some much needed relief when you are sitting at a stuffy desk and just really need a bit of air. You will want the fan you choose to be as quiet as possible. You will also want it to be able to circulate air really quickly. It is often referred to as personal cooling. Sometimes it can be useful to either mount this on a table or desk, attach it to a wall, or clip it on to the desk.

At the same time you will not want something that blows your papers all over your desk. Trust me on that one as I learned the hard way.

There are some additional features you might want to consider such as different speeds, does the head tilt, and the size of the blades inside the fan. In principle the bigger the blade the more air will flow.

The average price of these is between $15-25 but you can pay a lot more if you want more speed variations and want it be ultra quiet and with additional features. There are plenty of different styles available and there is one to suit every type of budget.

Below I have completed a quick buying guide and below that is a Top 10 Comparison Table of the best desktop fans available right now. Underneath that I have completed a short review on each of those.

A Quick Desktop Fan Buying Guide


When shopping for a new desktop fan one of the most important things to consider is how quiet it is. At the end of the day a noisy fan will become irritating over time. In addition to that you will probably be taking phone calls at your desk, and the last thing you will want to do is have to shout  over the noise of a fan, or struggle to hear the person on the other end of the phone.

Tilting Head

Some of these fans have what is called a fixed head. That means it just blows air out in one direction depending on how and where it is positioned. This is not crucially important when sitting at a desk. It can help a little though as it can cool down a wider area, and you will not always want a fan blowing directly into your face.

The Paper Storm

The faster a fan spins and the bigger the blades then the more air it can push around. When cooling a room down that is important. When you are sitting at your desk that is not always the best idea. If you don’t want a host of papers scattered all over the place, you need to get one with different speeds and that can have the direction adjusted.

Top 10 Desktop Fans By Ratings

*These are average prices and may not always be current and accurate. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Please be sure to double-check the actual price wherever you make your purchase. Please also note that the ratings used are based out of a maximum score of 5 stars. These can also change so make sure to check at the time of purchase
ImageFanRatingAverage Price
Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Desk FanRowenta VU25314.6$85
Lasko Personal Fan#2002WLasko 2002W4.4$14
Chillout 2-Speed Personal FanChillout 2-Speed Personal Fan4.4$17
Lasko 2004W 2-Speed Clip FanLasko 2004W 2-Speed Clip Fan4.3$16
Vornado Zippi Personal FanVornado Zippi Personal Fan4.3$20
Honeywell TurboForce Fan, HT-900Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan4.3$14
Hunter 90400 12-Inch Portable Table FanHunter 904004.1$65
O2COOL 5" Battery Operated Portable FanO2COOL 5" Battery Operated Portable Fan4.0$11
Lasko 2017 12" Table FanLasko 2017 12" Table Fan 4.0$25
Westpointe Electrical Co Wp 4" Hi VelocityWestpointe Electrical Co Wp 4" Hi Velocity4.0$15

Desktop Fan Reviews

When considering a Desktop fan for your personal use, the main thing to consider as I have mentioned is how quiet the fan is. This along with one that will not send all your work spinning across the floor are the two most important things.  

Some of these are battery operated but in the main, they run off a power source and are light on using electricity.

Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Desk Fan

Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Desk FanThis Rowenta model is the most popular in their range. It is also one of the most expensive on our list. You are buying a very high quality desktop fan. If you can afford this one, then I would recommend that you go ahead and buy it.

This is a 4 speed oscillating fan that comes with 5 blades and it really is super quiet. When in use this one has been measured for noise and it is at around 55 decibels, which is a typical library noise. If quietness is your number one feature, then this is the one for you. My only complaint is of course the hefty price, but it is high quality for certain.

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Lasko 2004W 2-Speed Clip Fan

Lasko 2004W 2-Speed Clip FanThis fan is a best seller and uses a clip with rubber pads for easy desk attachment. It can also be wall mounted. For just $15 you are getting a very useful product that buyers seem to love. There are only a couple of speeds but buyers seem happy enough with that. 

It does need an outlet to work (not battery operated) and the cord length is 6 feet. It is a nice little fan that works well for most people and will not break the budget

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Lasko 2002W Personal Fan

Lasko Personal Fan#2002WThis one is a couple of dollars more expensive than the one above from Lasko. It pivots up and down and it also comes with a small tray at the bottom of the stand. (Useful for coins) It can be tilted and it has 2 speeds.

It is very quiet and doesn’t take up much room on your desk. Many buyers said that after they bought this one for their desk, they bought another one for the bedroom as it was so quiet.

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Hunter 90400 12″ Metal Fan

Hunter 90400 12-Inch Portable Table FanI like to call this one the desktop fan for serious users. It is expensive at around $65-70 and is made from a brushed nickel metal. Personally I think it looks great and it certainly does what it is supposed to do.

It has 3 speeds and is an oscillating fan. The biggest drawback with this one is that there is a little noise with this one. I don’t mean deafening noise but it is noisier than many of the others on the list.

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Chillout 2-Speed Personal Fan

Chillout 2-Speed Personal FanThis one was designed to work for a desk, table, a small den and even on a night stand. For around $20 you get a 2-speed fan and low setting is ideal if you like strong airflow but a very quiet operation.

It looks great but I don’t like it as it doesn’t swivel but it does work well if you can live with a fixed position.

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Vornado Zippi Personal Fan

Vornado Zippi Personal FanThis one is unusual as it actually uses soft cloth blades. You can even touch these when the fan is spinning. It also folds up easily so as you can take it wherever you go. It provides a gentle breeze on low and a good airflow on high.

It is as close to silent as you will ever get, safe around children and it does look stylish

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Honeywell TurboForce Fan, HT-900

Honeywell TurboForce Fan, HT-900**BEST SELLER** For years this has been the go to desktop fan and for some people it still is. The brand name alone will tell you that this is a high quality product and for $16 you get three speeds, a pivoting head and a lot of quick air flow.

You can use it on your desk, on a table and it can also be wall mounted. With almost 3,000 buyer reviews on Amazon, you know that this one sells a lot, and maintains good ratings.

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O2COOL 5″ Battery Operated Portable Fan

O2COOL 5" Battery Operated Portable FanThis is a very cheap and cheerful fan that has 2 speeds and is a battery operated fan. You can adjust the tilt to change the airflow. It also folds up quickly and makes it easy for storage.

It does have a stand and all things considered it is also very quiet. It is popular with many people and many use it when camping as a tent fan as well. For this price it performs really well so a nice little one to have as a portable option.

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Lasko 2017

Lasko 2017 12" Table FanThe 2017 model from Lasko is a 12″ desktop fan and is in the $20  price range like many of this particular brand. It has three speeds and also the tilt back feature. It comes in black which is a popular choice for many home office styles.

It needs some assembly but pretty simple to do and it is made of plastic and most reviewers do seem to love this one. People use this not only at their desk but also in studies and bedrooms.

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Westpointe Electrical Co Wp 4″ Hi Velocity Fan

Westpointe Electrical Co Wp 4" Hi VelocityLast but not least is this high velocity 4″ fan. This one costs under $15 and is just a single speed so no options on this one. It does use a 4″ metal blade to push the air and is designed for personal cooling.

This one is built like a tank, all metal and will last for a very long time.

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How To Repair A Desktop Fan

Here is a really good video on how to repair most types of desk fans.

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