Best Decorative Fans For The Home

There are people who simply prefer a decorative fan around the home rather than the standard look and appearance that you get with many of the traditional electric fans. We have put together a table of what we think are some interesting and certainly decorative choices for the discerning home owner.

We hope you find them as interesting as we did. There is quite an interesting collection as you can see in the table down below.

Decorative Fans

*These are average prices and may not always be current and accurate. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Please be sure to double-check the actual price on Please also note that the ratings used are based out of a maximum score of 5 stars. These can also change so make sure to check at the time of purchase
NameImageDescriptionAverage RatingAverage Price
Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table FanDeco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, GeckoDecorative Figurine Fan shaped like a friendly Gecko holding an small antique fan, overall size is 9.5-inches by 7.5-inches4.2$48
Optimus F-6212 Oscillating Antique Table FanOptimus F-6212 Oscillating Antique Table Fan3 speed energy saving whisper quiet operation
4 position switch
90 degree oscillation
Deco Breeze DBF3173 Figurine FanDeco Breeze DBF3173 Figurine FanCast Metal Construction
Antique Phone style
Deco Breeze Mosaic Pineapple Table Top FanDeco Breeze Mosaic Pineapple Table Top FanThis is 23" tall
5 speeds
Also acts as a lamp
Deco Breeze Doggie FanDeco Breeze Doggie FanThis is 13" tall and 14.5" wide
30 watt motor
Ideal for dog lovers

Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan

Yes this one is most unusual and I think it is a very quirky fan. Buyers seem to love it though and there have been plenty of those. There are a number of variations on the theme though ranging from a frog, to birds to squirrels, cats and even guitars.

Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, Cat,Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine BirdDeco Breeze Small Guitar Fan


So as you can see there are some very interesting choices there for you. They range from cats, birds and all the way through to a big favourite, the guitar.

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Deco Breeze Mosaic Pineapple Table Top Fan

Deco Breeze Mosaic Pineapple Table Top FanAnother popular choice is this one, again from Deco Breeze. I must admit that although this one is pretty expensive, i think it has a certain quality to it which I really like. This could have looked really tacky, but it doesn’t.

This one is just under 2 feet tall and around 10″ wide so a nice size that will suit many rooms. It comes with 5 different speeds and also has oscillation. The pretty mosaic glass illuminates when the light function is switched on.

This would look specially good in a conservatory or sun room and would give a lovely tropical effect. One reviewer had this to say:

I have purchased 2 of these fans and they are replacing the ugly white fans in my master bedroom and guest room. They are stylish, quiet, have 3 speeds, oscillate and you even get the night light

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There are plenty of buyers for this one.

Optimus F-6212 Oscillating Antique TableĀ Fan

Optimus F-6212 Oscillating Antique Table FanThis is another very popular choice that gets great reviews by many buyers. It is expensive though at around $65-70 depending on where you make your actual purchase.

It is however at the higher end of these decorative style fans in terms of both quality and the amount of features that it has, These include:

3 speeds

a 4-position rotary switch

Full 90 degree oscillation

This fan comes pre-assembled so easy to use straight out of the box. It also has a really nice antique look which visitors will admire. It uses 5 blades that are well angled so does create a very good airflow around the room.

This is one for people who like and appreciate the “retro” look. I would describe the look of this one as brushed metal. It has what is best described as a soft white noise when in operation. In the lowest position it is virtually silent.

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