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What’s The Best Ceiling Fan For A Home?

The main purpose of a ceiling fan is to help keep a room cool without the need for an expensive air conditioning system. Now it is really important to understand that fans of this type will not actually lower the temperature in a room. They work by creating a breeze which can then circulate air and that helps cool you down.

They are a great deal cheaper than air conditioning and also a lot cheaper to maintain and to run. With so many different styles available, they can also add nicely to the décor of a room. Below I have completed a quick buying guide and below that is a Top 10 Comparison Table of the best ones available right now. Underneath that I have completed a short review on each of those.

A Quick Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Room Size

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new ceiling fan is that you need to be aware of the size of the room in your house, where it will be fitted. Many people overlook this part of the fan buying experience, and end up purchasing a fan that is either too big or too small for the space that it needs to help ventilate.

To measure a room just multiply the length and breadth of a room to get the square foot size. For example a room that is 12 feet x 12 feet should be 144 square feet. The fan features should state what size of a room it has been designed to work in as you will see in the table below.

Ceiling Height

These work by spinning a set of blades around at speed and with that comes the risk of getting caught in the blades. Therefore the fan needs to be high enough to prevent the blades catching anyone on the top of the head. At the same time if the ceiling is too high, then the ceiling fan will be pretty useless. The ideal height for best performance is considered to be between 2.2 – 2.4 metres. If you have high ceilings, then you will need an extension or down rod to lower the height of the fan.


Now, obviously, chances are you’re going to need a fan that actually suits the décor of your home. These come in different types of wood, different styles of chrome, brass and other materials. Some come with light fittings as well. You will find the most popular have five blades which will create more air than the 3 blade versions.


Most of the fans use some form of wood for the blades such as plywood. You can get some that use steel or aluminium so please be aware that they will be more dangerous than a wooden blade. Some of the cheaper models use plastic blades. At the end of the day they spin and circulate air and there is no big difference in the amount of air that the blades will shift.

Reversible Motion

With some fans there is a reversible function. The purpose of that is to draw air upwards. That can be useful in the winter or in cold evenings as it helps circulate warm air around your room. In essence it will make the hot air rise.

We researched and tested several units, and these are our ten favorites. They excelled in two important areas — they represent very good value for money, and they also get very good ratings by actual buyers. We have also tried to hit on a price point for everyone — ranging from as low as $55 for our top choice, all the way up to $140 if you’re looking for a more sophisticated fan, with a better design and better features.

Controls and Remote Control

Mainly the controls are done by a pull switch and this usually handles on/off, and the speed settings. Many of the newer ones will come with a remote controlled unit to make your life that little bit easier.

Top 10 Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

*These are average prices and may not always be current and accurate. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Please be sure to double-check the actual price wherever you make your purchase. Please also note that the ratings used are average ratingd and are based out of a maximum score of 5 stars. These can also change so make sure to check at the time of purchase
ImageFanRatingPriceRoom Size
Hunter Fan Company 52090Hunter Fan Company 520904.5$76Rooms up to 240 square feet
Hunter 51059 Low Profile Ceiling FanHunter 51059 Low Profile Ceiling Fan4.4$80Small rooms of around 100 square feet
Hunter 53237 Builder PlusHunter 53237 Builder Plus4.4$99Rooms of up to 485 square feet
Hunter 53091 Builder DeluxeHunter 53091 Builder Deluxe4.3$120Large rooms up to 400 square feet
Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial4.2$70Rooms up to 360 square feet
Westinghouse 7801665 CometWestinghouse 7801665 Comet4.0$95Rooms up to 360 square feet
Hunter Fan Company 51023Hunter Fan Company 51023 Conroy4.2$85Rooms up to 360 square feet
Litex Urbana Ceiling FanLitex Urbana Ceiling Fan4.3$89Rooms up to 300 square feet
Westinghouse 7255700 Bendan Ceiling FanWestinghouse 7255700 Bendan Ceiling Fan3.8$305Rooms up to 360 square feet
Litex Knightsbridge Collection Indoor/OutdoorLitex Knightsbridge Collection Indoor/Outdoor3.8$180Rooms up to 240 square feet

Home Ceiling Fan Reviews

When considering a ceiling fan for your home, it’s important that you hire a professional electrician to ensure that the fan is installed correctly. If you are good at DIY, then this is not too hard to do. However if in any doubt get a professional in rather than take any risks.

In addition to saving on utility costs, installing a ceiling fan can also add a decorative appeal to any room. Ceiling fans can enhance your room’s current aesthetics and can also serve as additional lighting.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe

Hunter 53091 Builder DeluxeThis Hunter model is the most popular in their range. It will provide enough ventilation for a room that is around 400 square feet (20 feet x 20 feet). One great idea with this is that it has 5 blades, but they are reversible. One side is a nice stained oak color, but when reversed is a Brazilian Cherry. That allows you to match the style that suits your room the best.

It also has a 3-speed motor and also comes with a light which is detachable. This fan is super quiet, easy enough to install thanks to their hanging system, and really does shift a lot of air.

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Westinghouse 7801665 Comet

Westinghouse 7801665 CometThis one is a 52″ fan with 5 blades and will handle rooms up to about 360 square feet (18 feet x 20 feet). Like the one above this is also a 3-speed version. It comes with a lifetime motor warranty. This one we think is ideal for bedrooms as it is probably one of the quietest fans on the market right now. It is also simple enough to install and shifts a good amount of air.

As you can see from the image the color of this one is black, so just be aware of that if you are thinking of placing an order. It takes two 40 watt torpedo bulbs and it is also a reversible fan if that is important to you. Click Here To Read More Reviews over at Amazon

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling FanThis is a 3 blade fan and a very popular choice. The blades are 56″ and is better suited I think for an office. That said people pick this if they are trying to find a ceiling fan for a very contemporary style. Just be aware if you decide to use this one in the home that the blades on this one are sharp.

It uses the ball hanger system for fitting and is pretty simple to do. It is not reversible and it has a choice of 5 different speeds. Click Here To Read More Reviews at Amazon

Hunter Fan Company 51023

Hunter Fan Company 51023Hunter are well known for their fans and this model we think is one of their better ones. It is ideal for a 12 feet x 14 feet room, but could handle a bigger room and circulates the air really well. This fan takes around 30-40 minutes to install.

This one comes with two frosted bulbs and it can take two 60 watt candelabra bulbs. If you want the light brighter then simply install clear bulbs and it will give it a nice lift. It comes in a few colours including white, burnished mahogany and rosewood/dark maple. It also has a remote control. Click Here To Read More Reviews at Amazon

The Litex Urbana

Litex Urbana Ceiling FanThis one is fairly unique as it has 4 blades instead of the usual 3 or 5 blade varieties. This one has a contemporary brushed chrome metal finish. It is unusual as it has 4 blades. It has 3 speeds. It is a highly rated fan by buyers who seem to like this one a lot.

Now this one has been designed for the office but many home users get this one because it is a stylish and contemporary fan with metal blades. It isn’t one for fitting in a bedroom. The pull strings work well to operate the light and fan. It is also reversible which I like a fan to be.

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Hunter Fan Company 52090

Hunter Fan Company 52090Another one from the Hunter company that does attract a lot of high ratings and super reviews. Like many of the Hunter models, you can install this one with or without the light. It has walnut coloured blades and that is a nice warm colour choice for many buyers.

The speed is adjusted by the cord and there is a switch for reversing the direction. It is very simple to install. It is also very quiet. This one looks as if it should cost a great deal more than it does. These work great in rooms like halls and bedrooms.

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Westinghouse 7255700 Bendan

Westinghouse 7255700 Bendan Ceiling FanOne more from the Westinghouse brand and this one has 5 blades which can handle a room up to around 360 feet (12 feet x 20 feet). It has a nice satin chrome finish. It has 3 speeds and it is reversible.

The light fixture is frosted glass and it gives a nice modern look for a home. This one can be used with a dimmer and it also comes with a remote control.  You get a full lifetime guarantee on the motor itself, which should give you an idea of its quality.

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Litex Knightsbridge Collection Indoor/Outdoor

Litex Knightsbridge Collection Indoor/OutdoorThis one is a 52″ fan with light and does come with a lifetime limited warranty. It takes three candelabra 40 watt bulbs and does give off a really nice light. This one is expensive at around $200, but that is because it can be used either inside the house or outside.

It has five blades which have a nice bronze look to them but I think it is closer to a black colour than bronze.. It is quiet and also comes with a remote control for ease of use. This is definitely a fan that gets noticed for all the right reasons.

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Hunter 51059 Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Hunter 51059 Low Profile Ceiling FanThis is another one from Hunter that is well rated. This is known as a low profile and that simply means for rooms that have ceilings of 8 feet and under. This one is the cheapest of all that I have reviewed and it can really only be used in rooms of about 100 square feet. (10 feet x 10 feet)

It is a good little fan and certainly very popular with buyers. Just be aware of its limitations though and that it only comes in a white colour.

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Hunter 53237 Builder Plus

Hunter 53237 Builder PlusThis one is a best seller and for around $90 this one gets super ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has been specifically designed for rooms of just under 500 square feet. You can either fit this one with the light or not use it at all.

It has 3 speeds and it is reversible. It also comes with the Hunter limited lifetime warranty which should offer peace of mind to any buyer.

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How To Assemble and Install A Ceiling Fan

Here is a really good video on how to assemble and install a typical ceiling fan with a light.

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