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 October 30, 2015

By  Enda

We check out some of the best fans that will quickly cool an apartment. So if you haven’t got air conditioning, and live in an apartment, then here is the best way that I know, to help keep it cool. You have a few choices so let’s have a look. If you have checked through my website, there are plenty of types to choose from including ceiling fans, tower fans, window fans and various types of box style or personal fans.

Now, apart from the obvious thing which is to open the windows, if that is even possible, then the only real options you have is to use a fan or maybe even a few fans. It isn’t ideal but in those circumstances, there is very little choice.

Cooling Tips For Your Apartment

Here are some basic and obvious tips that might help before you spend any money taken from justdiydecor.com. If you have curtains and/or some type of blinds fitted, then use those during the day, to help keep the sun out. If you are at work or college and not in during the day, then this will help a lot to keep the apartment cool.

Opening windows early in the morning, when the sun is not too strong. This will help introduce some airflow into the apartment. Now I understand that in built-up areas it may actually be better to keep your windows closed, as the air pollution can get pretty bad. So depending on your circumstances this might be a good option.

Check for anything that generates heat inside that you can do without. Light bulbs generate a lot of heat and also things like TVs left on standby, and DVD players etc. If you don’t need them, then turn them off. Every little helps.

The same applies to computers, chargers, cell phones and the many types of electronic goods. Individually you may well think that they do not create that much heat, but a PC left on, a phone charging can all quickly add up, and it will raise the temperature in the room. It also increases the energy bills.

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Keeping The Kitchen Cool

One of the biggest generators of heat is any type of cooking appliance. These are the normal things like the cooker, microwaves, toasters etc. If it warms up or heats, then it creates heat. Now I know you will need to use these so minimising the use is about all that you can do.

Most of the heat generated comes from the kitchen, and things like dish washers, irons, driers, washing machines can very quickly heat up a room. There should be ventilation fans in a kitchen or extractor hoods, so if they are there make sure they are used. It also does no harm to check the filters are cleaned as that makes them work much better and more efficiently.

Opening and closing fridges and freezers also causes the motors to work harder. The harder they work, the more heat they generate.

Now I know these are all small things, but collectively they will all help at lowering the temperature in your apartment rooms.

Finally if you do plan on buying a fan, then don’t wait until the summer, as they do sell out quickly and they cost more. So get one early when they are available and cheaper.

Using Ceiling Fans In An Apartment

Hunter 53237 Builder PlusIt is good that we have choices, but we also have to be realistic. Almost always a good ceiling fan is probably the best of all, but not all landlords will allow you to put one of these up. it does involve some electrical work, and the landlord would have to agree to that.

It can also get expensive if you do not know how to it yourself, or are not allowed to under the terms of your leasing agreement.

As long as you have permission and can get it done, then those are the fastest way to quickly cool down a room or an apartment. I have reviewed some of the best ceiling fans available so click here to read about those.

Window Fans

image of a window fanAnother good choice and a cheaper option is a window fan. It does depend a lot on where the windows are and how many there are. In an ideal situation you would have a fan on one side of the apartment drawing air into the apartment, and on the opposite side, pushing the hot air out.

You can check out how these work by reading more about the best window fans here.

These can be a little tricky to figure out, but they will work if the circumstances are right. You may need to try different positioning to get the most benefit out of these, but when you do, they will actually so a very good job for you.

Floor Fans

Avalon 16 Inch 360 Degree Adjustable Floor/Table Fan With Max Cool Flow Technology UL ApprovedThese are cheap and simple to use and really do provide a quick fix. As the name would suggest these are placed on the floor and switched on. They then start to quickly circulate the air and create a much cooler feeling.

Most people will give these a quick blast on a high setting, and then lower them when they feel cooler.

They are a bit noisy and that is the major disadvantage of those, but they do work and work quickly. You can read about those by clicking here.

Pedestal and Tower Fans

Lasko 2527 16" Adjustable Pedestal FanPedestal fans also work quickly and would be fine in larger apartments. They would however look out of place in a smaller apartment. That is where a tower fan will be more appropriate. The pedestal fans are those with blades that spin around inside a cage and you would normally see them in offices.

I have included an image to the left which shows these. Now I have seen those used to good effect in offices, and in larger rooms. So as long as you have the room for one then it works really well. You can read more about those here.

Lasko #2510 Tower Fan, 36-Inch, WhiteTower fans on the other hand look a lot better for apartments in my opinion and do an equally good job. As you can see from the image to the right, these are designed to work in rooms where space is limited. They are a little more expensive than the pedestal type, but not that much more.

They do work well and they are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes which you can see here.

Do Fans Cool The Air?

Just be aware that no fan will actually cool down the temperature of the air inside your apartment. Fans simply circulate what is there, but you get the sense that because the air is flowing or moving, then you will feel cooler. The bigger the flow the more cool you will feel.

It is hard to cool down an apartment in the summer. There are some things you can do to reduce the build up of heat, but almost always the best option is a fan. Using those along with windows and curtains can make a big difference.


Here at TheIcySpot.com we are committed to helping you find the best fan for your home. We try to provide you with all the information that you will need on all types of fans and accessories to enable you to make the best and most informed buying decision.

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