Best Electric Fans for Home Use

Welcome to the Icy Spot, where we offer as much advice as we can on buying the best electric fans for home use. There are a lot of choices out there and often it can get confusing as to which is the best type of fan to use.

The table below should really help give you a quick start. This provides a good overview of what is actually available in the market.

As you can see below, there are a variety of fans, that can be used around your home. The table will show you, which are the best suited for specific purposes. Underneath the table, you will find more information on each of the individual fan types.

Which Electric Fan Should You Buy?

If you click on any of the fan type names, you will be taken to a page where you can find detailed information about that specific fan type.

Fan Type








Round base with stand

Living room





These are circular fans on a pedestal with blades inside a cage

Medium to High

Slim rectangular shape

Living room





Space saving fan and perfect for rooms with limited space.


Small stand on the floor





These are high velocity fans and popular in workshops, garages and basements


Sits on a small stand and some are clip on



These are small fans that can sit on a desk and will keep the immediate air cool.


Low Profile






Designed for hung or slider windows. They pull in fresh air.


Hung from Ceiling

Living Rooms




These hang from the ceiling and have spinning blades


Fitted in attic on roof or gable mount



Fitted in the attic using a kit


Fitted in bathroom ceiling






Fitted in the bathroom with vents.

Electric Home Fan Reviews

We have done quite a number of reviews for the various types of fans in the market right now. We found the easiest way to make these simpler to understand was just to put them into comparison tables where you can easily contrast and compare the different brands who make these.

Below you will find the different types and models that are available right now with a brief description of where they can be used for best effect.

If you click on any of the links just below, you can read a summary review on each type. If you prefer please keep scrolling down to read about them all, and how they can help control the air in your home.

Electric Fan Buying Guide

We also thought it would be really useful if we included a buying guide for the different fans on the market. You can check out our electric fan buying guide by clicking here. There you will find a very detailed buyer's guide that we highly recommend you read before spending any money on a fan for your home.

There are many different types available. You therefore need to find the right one for your own specific purposes.

ceiling fan with lights and remote control

These remain one of the most popular choices for cooling down your home. We have done a full, and detailed review, of the best ceiling fans that are currently available on the market. If you click on the link at the end of this summary, you will be taken to a page just about ceiling fans and a buying guide for those.

These come in a variety of choices and a whole lot of styles. More often than not they will also have a light as this style of fan usually hangs from the centre of the room. These are a lot cheaper to run that using air conditioning units.

Once you understand your room size and the ceiling height then you will be able to make the perfect choice for your room. People normally have these in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

These are a very popular choice for many people, and are reasonably easy to fit. If in doubt though get an electrician to install it for you. Many of these come with a light as well as the main fan.

You can buy these with 3 blades, 5 blades and 6 blades. Many of these also come with a remote control.

best pedestal fans

Some people prefer the pedestal fan and for larger rooms that is probably a better choice. The good news is there is plenty of choice and a whole range of manufacturers make these. These are also the ideal solution for small offices, and especially for meeting rooms.

On that page you will be able to find a comparison table that compares the highest rated pedestal versions on the market right now.

These are also very popular when it comes to cooling down an office or a meeting room. Most of these will have different speeds and the top of the fan can also be set to oscillate. In the home these are mainly used in bedrooms as they are quiet and on a low setting provide a gentle breeze without the noise.

As I mentioned earlier, these are also very popular in garages, sheds and also in small offices that don't have any air conditioning.

The average price is around $35-55 and you may pay a little more if you prefer the use of a remote control.

lasko tower fan being used

Tower fans are ideal for rooms where space is limited or you just don't like the look of the pedestal style. Many home owners say that pedestals discussed above, are better suited for the office, and tower styles are better in the home.

Here at the Icy Spot we would recommend tower fans for smaller homes or where space is limited.

These are more expensive than the pedestal fans we have mentioned above. They also look a lot better and that is one of the main reasons why people go for this option. some people will just not want the look of a pedestal type fan in their home, and tower fans do look a great deal better.

The average price is around $35-55 and you may pay a little more if you prefer the use of a remote control.

Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler for the office

These are known by a few different names such as table fans, desktop fans and often personal fans. They help blow air in a small personal space that does not impact on anyone else.

The variety and types of these are actually quite staggering and you are sure to find one to suit your own specific needs.

Some of these will just sit on the table, and other types can be clipped on to a table, or hung from a wall. These are all pretty inexpensive and it simply depends on what style will suit your own individual needs the best.

Just be aware that if you plan on using these on a desk where there is a lot of paper work sitting around, you will not want too powerful a fan for obvious reasons.

floor fan reviews

Many people prefer to use floor fans but they can also be wall mounted fans. These are a useful way of quickly cooling down a room. They are also small in size so do not take up a great deal of space. On average they cost around $45 and there are plenty of these that you can pick from.

They are made by all the leading brands, and they also come in a whole range of styles. The majority of them have a tilting up and down action. Some however have a full 360 degree tilt.

For many years these were used almost exclusively in work spaces such as garages, wood shops and in basements. More and more though, and thanks to some cosmetic changes, these are also now suitable for rooms inside the home.

People do like the fact that these are powerful, act quickly and just don't take up a great deal of room.

Best Attic Fans

Attic fans are a great way to help cool down a home. Hot air rises up and so will linger at the highest part of the house which is of course the attic. If you can control the temperature and the flow of air in the attic, then you can certainly help control the air within your home.

Some of these can be fitted to the gable and some to the roof itself. Typically though to get the most benefit, you may need to fit a couple of these in a larger attic. It is probably a good idea to get these professionally installed.

If you are someone who is good with their hands or enjoy DIY, then you could do this by yourself, but they do need a lot more work to get them in and working.

bath exhaust fan

As the name would suggest these are all about the bath. If you need to get rid of moisture and steam quickly, then an exhaust fan will be a very good solution for you. These are small but powerful fans that can quickly clear a bathroom.

We would also recommend getting these professionally installed especially with the amount of steam you can get from showers etc. They are not that difficult to install but like the attic fans, they do need to be properly fitted.

Again they come in a good variety of choices and we have pulled together our top 10 list to make your choices that little bit easier. Our lists are all based on ratings by actual buyers so as you know, you are getting the best products available on the market.

image of a window fan

Another option for increasing the air flow in a home is to fit a window fan. These work in one of two ways. They either draw in air from outside, or they push out the warm air from inside the home.

Ideally if you have one of each, then you can create a really good cooling system.

These are probably the easiest to set up and get working quickly. Most people will be able to have these up and running in no time. We have always found these to be a good option if you are pulling in air from the outside. We have also found that these can be noisier than some of the other options available.

best decorative fans

Some people prefer to have something a little more decorative around the home. There are certainly some interesting choices when it comes to picking one of these, as you can see from the image to the right hand side.

In the main one brand appears to specialise in these and they are called Deco Breeze. They have certainly produced a very extensive collection. Many of them get very good reviews but we found them rather expensive.

Still it would be true to say that you are paying for the designer style as well ad the fan itself.

So as you can see from the above information, there are a lot of different fan types, suitable for home use. There will be times of course, when you may need to have a combination of those fans.

You could have a ceiling fan in your living room, a bath exhaust fan in your bathroom, a tower fan in the bedroom, or a simple desktop fan around your computer area. Hopefully you now know what types exist, and what they are used for.

Best Fans for an Apartment

There are quite a few options for fans if you live in an apartment, or even in a small room. There is too much detail to cover that off in a few paragraphs. Therefore we created a separate page with all that information on it.

That information includes details on window fans, floor fans and tower fans which are the most popular choices, for anyone living in an apartment.

Click Here to find details on the best fan for apartments.

Best Fans for Sleeping

We get asked a lot of questions on our website and one of the most popular is, what is the best fan for sleeping. In particular the area of white noise gets mentioned a lot. We have dedicated a page of our website to try and explain what that means.

On that page we also explain what are the best options so as you can get a good night's sleep, by using the right fan.

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